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14 January 2011 @ 03:35 pm

I don't usually get into personal life stuff on here but I feel the need to for some reason. Maybe because I'm the sort of person that thrives on support? Then again, I'm sure we're all that way. Anyway...

First off, I'm ridiculously inactive. I have literally been sitting either at the computer or on my bed every day for a good 3 years now. Though, of course, I also had musical theatre classes but that was only for a total of 5 months, and the classes were once a week for 2 hours. And then I have done 3 shows, but that was over the course of a year. But even when doing my last show in late 2009, I still managed to get uncomfortable cramps in my legs. That's how inactive I am.

I also don't eat right, so that doesn't help. This past week I've been having some fruits and veggies, which I normally never eat. Nor do I get any sort of exercise. Not even walking.

All of this is not okay.

So, I contacted someone I know from community theatre and asked her how I go about getting on the crew of a show. I figure if I do crewing all the time, that'll keep me active and save money from actually being IN a show. (You spend a LOT on gas and food. You get food because you're gonna be at rehearsal for 3 or so hours and rehearsal starts right before dinner time. Also, you're more than likely sitting around for at LEAST 2 of the 3 hours, so it's nice to have a drink/snacks available, too.)

I also noticed she was talking about how her and Maura (her daughter) take ASL classes. That was something I actually enjoyed when I was younger - learning a bit of sign language. So I asked her about that as well; I figured it'd be yet another means to get out of the house and remain active. I think I might also look into ushering at Straz Center's shows. That's where all the National tours of Broadway shows go. You don't get paid but hey, you get a free show! :)

Look, I like sitting around the house, watching tv/movies, playing video games, and being on the internet. In fact, I prefer it over going out, what with my anxiety and mostly socially awkward self. Not to mention, it saves gas money! Unfortunately, as I've made clear in this post, it's wearing on me. I feel how unhealthy I am and that terrifies me. I'm constantly reading up on something weird my body is doing. (Something worries me every day but I only research an issue once or twice a week, but that's still too much.) That's no way to be living my life. SHIT NEEDS TO CHANGE!

I won't be giving up the internet or anything ridiculous like that. I'm just not allowing it to take up the entirety of my days. Gotta be more active with my life! And on that note, not only in regards to my health but as far as my career goes. I'm gonna get going on that podcast and get a job to save up money to go to an art school, so that I can look into my interest of directing. Which is another reason I want to crew shows, to learn about that aspect, have that knowledge in advance.

Damn, I'm really trying to accomplish a lot here. I may not be able to do one or 2 of the things I mentioned because of not having the time for it, but I'm going to try to do what I can!

Well, I was feeling crappy a little while ago and am finally feeling better now, so I'm gonna go take a shower, drive out to this new supermarket chain that is hiring. (Sounds a bit lame, but they actually look great and have good benefits - of course, that means I'd have to be full-time to get said benefits, and I was only intending on getting a part-time job for the moment, considering my unhealthy state.) I've also charged my iPod, so if it's still light out when I return, I might go for a walk. :)

You know what's ironic? All this talk about staying off the computer and it took me forever to write up this post.

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I finished The Name of the Wind last night. I am so beside myself! I haven't finished a book since Deathly Hallows came out. Or wait... I can't recall when I read The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse, so that one may have been the most recent, but either way it's been a couple years. What an AMAAAAAAAZING book. I highly recommend it if you haven't read it yet. I love the way it ended. I wonder if some people found it anti-climactic, because I can see that but there's too much to love throughout the entire read that I don't see how anyone could really care. Not to mention, it sets up the series beautifully. And you know, the way Rothfuss wrote Kvothe (the main character), it reminded me of Sondheim. On that note...

Everyone enjoys a good behind the scenes video of an awesome moment in history, right? Well, have I got one for you!

A 22-year old Pamela Myers auditioned for Stephen Sondheim's Company in the late 60s. Sondheim & co. loved her, they couldn't imagine not giving her the role, but they had doubts doing so because appearance-wise she wasn't fit for it. Luckily, they were able to "easily" change the character's original description to fit her because they couldn't let such a remarkable talent go. Sounds like the plot of a movie, right? There was also no solo originally written for the character and they all decided she absolutely had to have one. She had to be shown off! They managed to stretch said song across 3 separate scenes, connecting purposeful moments with each woman the main character was seeing. The song was "Another Hundred People", a challenging number that put Pam's talent on display. Needless to say, she and the song were a show-stopper for the unconventional 1970 musical. Myers received a Tony nomination in 1971 for her performance and is adored to this day. At a 1993 concert, she received a minute-long applause after a "reprise" performance of the song that made everyone remember her name.


I also love how the different sections of the orchestra get featured.
Really makes you appreciate Tunick's orchestrations.

Pamela also impressively performed this song 3 years ago. (That would make her 60 years old at the time!) I cannot stress enough how difficult it is to sing this song. I actually have a fitting range/tone but alas, I do not have the strength for it at this time; one day!

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entertainment: Pamela FUCKING Myers
03 January 2011 @ 07:50 pm
So, ever since making that "Obsessions of 2010" list, I keep recalling things I left off. *sigh*

I've been catching up on all the movies I didn't see last year, which was... almost all of them. I watched Easy A and Black Swan this weekend, and I just finished The Social Network a little while ago. Easy A and TSN were great. Timberlake kind of ruined TSN for me (it's honestly embarrassing that he's doing a campaign for an Oscar nom), and I might have fallen in love with Emma Stone; I liked her in Zombieland, and she caught my interest in that adorable dancing skit on SNL, but Easy A sealed the deal. Black Swan was sadly underwhelming, well-made but it just didn't do anything for me.

Have I mentioned my intention to make a Broadway podcast? A friend who use to take part in one has been supporting this endeavor and has offered his help. A few weeks ago he posted a link on my Facebook to a woot.com deal for a podcast kit, selling for $60 [normally $90]. I was hesitant to get it knowing how easily I can give up on things I set out to do. I've wanted to change that though, and what better way to do so while talking about something I enjoy and hopefully helping out that thing I enjoy in the process? RIGHT? I want to star an outline of what the podcast will contain, but first I'm trying to figure out a cool 5 minute segment to start out the podcast. Something that will get the listener's attention because if you just start babbling, chances are people will tune out. Alas, I suck at coming up with ideas so I don't know what that segment will contain. My mom suggested a trivia, and that might have to do if I can't think of anything else. I really suck at brainstorming.

So sad I missed out on seeing Ariella again. The kids were playing with my phone because of a game I had on it. I shouldn't have let them have it in the first place, but it was a good distraction if one of them was playing the Xbox. Look, normally I don't give into kids like that, but they were raised a certain way so there was very little we could do to manage them. Needless to say, they spent a LOT of time in time out. Anyhow, they went back to Birmingham New Year's day and I had enough of my phone so I didn't charge it this weekend. Because of that, I missed a text from Ariella to meet up last night. My lazy nature FTL!

In other disappointing news....

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson had its final show last night. :'(
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entertainment: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson 10.18.10
01 January 2011 @ 11:53 am
2011: The Lists
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entertainment: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (10.02.10 matinee)
31 December 2010 @ 12:24 pm
2010: The Lists
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