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Pardon me, I am here-- If you please, I am also here.

Had my first rehearsal tonight for Everybody Loves Opal! The cast was wonderful, and John (the director) was very kind and helpful. I wasn't too sure what to expect as a whole, didn't know if he wanted me to dive right in with a stage manager's typical duties, but I figured I'd stay quiet for the most part since everyone is still learning their lines, so there was no need to call out mistakes/etc. I'm also not taking too many notes right now because 1) most blocking notes are in the script and 2) John doesn't seem to be set on anything yet. He clearly wants the actors to get more comfortable and possibly even make their own decisions as long as it works into where they need to be at a certain point. I'm enjoying his directing style. I like the freedom he gives the actors, especially when they end up taking a bit of a different approach, working out their motives after John asks them a few questions [never quite telling them what they should do]. That's when an actor can really shine and it's a great thing to witness.

One of the cast members had to arrive late and John took me by surprise when he asked me to read in place of her - just from my spot on the couch, of course. I've recalled previous stage managers doing this in shows I've been in, so I shouldn't have been caught off guard, but I was. I didn't try to act [with my voice] too much, just enough to give the other actors something to work with, but I started thinking I'd love to do a play some day. It'd be a nice challenge and something new to try out.

When I was taking my shower earlier today, I had a Broadway mix cd I made a long time ago - yes, made up of songs I like singing along to. Anyway, while singing "The I Love You Song" and "Without Love", I thought to myself, "If a theatre ever did this show, I'd probably audition [for Olive/Penny]." After rehearsal was over, John randomly gave me a pamphlet with SPLT's 2011-2012 lineup of shows. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Hairspray are both on there. THAT REALLY FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT. I mean..... WHOOOA. So, yeah, if I can get my voice back in shape, I'll audition. I don't sing Broadway music as often as I used to, so my vocals have been kind of strange lately. But I've also noticed I've gotten better at personality and control when I do sing. Actually, I think I'm going to go and look for a particular duet on YouTube that I... may have sang a couple times in the shower today. :D
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