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You can hear dear Mother Nature murmuring low, "Let yourself go!"

So, last week ended up a little less eventful. Just for one day, thankfully.

I was THISCLOSE to not making it to the Boston Pops concert. I would have hated myself if I decided an hour before the time we were planning on leaving: "I feel too crappy, I'm just going to not go and lay in bed." Instead, I decided, "Finish getting ready and then see how you feel. Or pass out first." Luckily, I didn't pass out AND I ended up feeling better while touching-up my hair. I wasn't feeling the best during the first portion of the show. I wish I had been because it ended up being strictly orchestra stuff - no singers, and you can never hear that anywhere live anymore. Not very often anyway.

During intermission I took a trip to the bathroom and when I returned my mother informed me that the woman next to us knew someone who did the orchestration for the Spider-man music. I asked her if she knew if he'd be continue to work on the show during the re-working happening - she wasn't sure but assumed so, I'm not so sure considering they seem to be bringing in new people, but this very well could be an exception. Also - and this is a very HUUUUUUUUUGE ALSO - her father is a cousin to Jule Styne. JULE FUCKING STYNE, PEOPLE. When she shared this piece of information, I said, "I love Gypsy. I'm a huge fan of Sondheim - favorite composer by far." And she replied, "Yes, he and Jule did Gypsy together!"

Back to the show! The moment Kelli O'Hara and Jason Danieley came out, I shit you not, I felt like standing up and screaming as if it was The Beatles that just walked out on that stage. Instead, I contained myself enough to simply gasp -I sincerely did, my breath left my body completely- and just barely avoided grabbing my mom's arm and draining it of its life. I didn't expect to react like that. And honestly, it was mostly from seeing Kelli. I've loved that woman for a good 4 years now. When really getting into musical theatre outside of the mainstream stuff, she was my first obsession and ultimately why I decided to audition for my first show because she had somewhat recently done a revival of it. Oh and I haven't even mentioned how good our seats were. THEY WERE GOOD. We were a couple dozen feet from the stage, I'd guess. Anyway, they both had personality coming out of their asses and they sang beauuuutifully. Seriously, no other Broadway vocalists would have delivered the music better. To remind you, they sang Cole Porter's stuff. You have to have a voice like a god/goddess to do justice to Porter's music and they have such voices.

I wish I had made a post about the show the night I went, or at least the following morning because I'm now having issues remember stand out moments besides the obvious ones. Jason and Kelli's "Friendship" was adorkable, "It's De-Lovely" was lovely, and "You're the Top" was adorable and hilarious. Jason's "Where is the Life That Late I Led?" was hysterical, and I believe he had 2 big standout vocal performances but I'm only recalling "Night and Day". I'm unfortunately not as familiar with song titles outside of Sondheim's work and a certain pieces from select shows. Again, had I made this post soon after the show I should have been able to recall the other. Kelli's "Always True to You In My Fashion" was hilarious [she sang it to the conductor, Keith Lockhart], "Let's Do It" was.... unf, and "So In Love" was OHMYFUCKINGWORD. When I saw that on the song list, I knew she'd sing the shit out of it AND SHE DID. YES, SHE DID. Almost wish I hadn't been so caught up in it so that I could have thought about turning on my phone and recording it. You guys, I wish you all could have heard it. But I'm going to embed a video below so that you can hear how gorgeous this woman's voice is.


You should also check out Jason Danieley. That man's voice... I know he has one of the best male vocals on Broadway but he impressed me many times that night. By the way, Jason actually walked right by me and my mom when we were on our way to the Box Office. I tapped my mom's arm and whispered, "Uhhh... that's who we are seeing tonight." She tried to get me to go talk to him but he was texting or something, I didn't want to bother him. I regret that now. :\

Now, as for the week becoming less eventful, that all happened Thursday. The reason I started feeling funny Thursday night was because of 2 things. 1) I ended up coming down with something (no idea what), which I'm still presently fighting off, but luckily it only knocked me out for one day completely. 2) I got my monthly visitor. The combo of those 2 must have made my body go "whoa", which is why I felt so off Wednesday night before the show. Anyway, I was hoping my sinuses were just acting up from cleaning but it got worse and I contacted both David and Gillian after having woken up with only 4 hours of sleep, letting them know I wouldn't be able to hang out and crew the show, respectively. I felt so bad for missing out on both things. I started feeling a bit better in that I could get out of my bed the next day (Friday), so I ended up making it to Rebekah's concert Saturday, which was wonderful. So glad I didn't have to miss that since it was only a one time event and I never want to miss seeing anything Rebekah does. :)

Closing up this post with a bit of news. Sorta big news! I am, as of this moment, the stage manager for a play at SPLT. I KNOW, RIGHT!!? I can't believe it. I actually thought Gillian (who is costuming the show) mistakenly asked me to do so. lol I mean, stage managing is pretty duty-heavy. Though, it's a play, not a musical and Gillian told me: "If you could crew Chicago, you can stage manage this show." I laughed at this but still voiced my concerns. She reassured me that I'd be fine and that John, the director (also SPLT's President), was cool with a newbie on board. Still, I hope I don't screw this up. I mean, John being SPLT's President is a big deal and I actually want to be on the theatre's board -I filled out an application during Chicago- and if I'm still in town, eventually I'd like to be on the main part of the board, helping to turn the theatre around. Anyway, Gillian already told me all of my responsibilities and there's no rehearsal until Wednesday so I have some time to rest a bit more, get rid of whatever is lingering about of this sinus thing or whatever it is. I'm crazy nervous (mostly about John and finding a crew for the show - yeah, found out that's my responsibility, yikes!) but I think I'll have everyone's support. Oh, the play is Everybody Loves Opal, by the way. Just realized I never said. I actually had looked into it a few weeks ago, wondering if there were any parts I could audition for - the show looked fun from the little I saw on YouTube.

Hope everyone's weekend was nice. Let me know what you think of miss O'Hara's voice in the comments, will ya? ;)


WHOA. Kelli did a show with Garber?? WHAT THE WHAT. Just came across that on Tumblr.
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