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It's been one week since you looked at me...

(Okay, 1 week and 2 days.) This week is turning out to be quite eventful. Maybe not for a typical person - a typical person may find my eventful week... well, typical.

My cousins Justin and Kristyna, and their little girl Sascha, came to visit on Sunday. [My sister (Angel) and niece (Tori) also came over.] We all chilled here for a couple hours and then we went to St. Pete Ale House for a late lunch/early dinner. Me and Tori played pool as we ate. I made a couple wicked shots. It's funny how I can't manage some straight shots, but then I get one ball in by hitting another that is diagonal to it. And yes, it's an intentional shot, not an accident. lol Anyway, food was yummy as always.

After dinner I took Tori to Target so that she could get a bathing suit bottom for our trip to the beach yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day out. Very sunny but there was a constant cool breeze, so lovely. I'm not big on the beach but I knew I could use a bit of a tan - I think I got the tiniest bit. Definitely got some more color on my face from the looks of it. I haven't been in a while so I knew I couldn't stay long, so me and Tori didn't too much color for the most part, unfortunately. She wanted to stay longer but I knew it wasn't safe and also I was starving.

She stayed one extra day so we went ahead and plans to go to the Dali Museum - which was great. I knew it'd be a bit of a waste for me even though Tori reassured me she'd enjoy it enough to stick around for close to 2 hours, but she definitely rushed through the art, so I couldn't stay too long around the pieces. But it ended up working out timing-wise because, once again, I got hungry as we were looking around the gift shop. lol We went to lunch at Tijuana Flats because I couldn't figure out where this one restaurant was that Marilyn (a crew member from Chicago) told me about. I told Tori we could check out that place another day once I get the name of the restaurant from Marilyn. Afterward we came back to the house and watched Doctor Who, specifically "Time of Angels". :D

Tomorrow night is the Boston Pops concert!! Kelli O'Hara and Jason Danieley, two favorite Broadway talents of mine, singing Cole Porter music. Should be an AMAAAAAAAZING night.

And as of this moment I have plans for Thursday afternoon with David. He's going to come by and try to help me set up my podcast kit. My computer's not picking it up and I have no idea what to do about it because the instructions say it should have, so he's going to see if he can figure it out. Looking forward to seeing him!

Gillian [from Kiss Me Kate and Chicago] text me today, asking if I was available to help out the current show playing at SPLT during one scene. Guess they're down a crew member or 2 Thursday night? Naturally, I'm always happy to help so I told her I'd be there. She did ask if I was available tomorrow night to see what I'd have to do but I have the concert so I'm just coming by early Thursday to be shown. Hopefully it's nothing too complicated.

This Saturday I was planning on getting out to the movie theater to finally catch a MET Live Broadcast. They're broadcasting a Dessay-lead show... love her! But it turns out my friend Rebekah's concert is Saturday, too... at 4. Odd time, but that means I cannot go see the opera which starts at 1 and Rebekah's show is around 35 minutes away. I suppose I could watch 1 or 2 acts, but that'd be silly. I'll just rent it online when it becomes available. I'm definitely going to the theater next month to see La Comte Ory, and I'm hoping Angel will be free to go because she's been wanting to see an opera and I think this would be a great first one for her, not only because of the show but because of the talent. Juan Diego Florez, Joyce DiDonato and Diana Damrau... GUH!

I have a bit to catch up on and I'm getting hungry again. Must go! Hope everyone is doing well. :)
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