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Words are pale shadows of forgotten names.

I will never understand my parents' logic. Specifically the things they get upset over. My dad just brought up, FOR THE SECOND TIME, my unknowingly opening a second jar of pasta sauce yesterday. Do we not all make silly mistakes like this? At least I didn't leave the screen door open with our birds flying about! My dad did this last week. Twice, apparently.

As planned, I picked up The Wise Man's Fear and Unbearable Lightness yesterday. I intended on starting to read the former last night but I'm kind of committed to finishing Greek so that I can be caught up to watch the series finale next Tuesday. At the rate I'm going lately, I should be done in time. I can't believe they are finishing up the series. :( Why not pull a Skins and get a new cast? The writing for this show is so well done, they could definitely keep it going with a new cast and fans would remain on board. At least, I know I would be. Anyway, back to the books. I cannot believe how long TWMF is - almost 1,000 pages - and mind you, this is the large hardcover version AT 1,000 PAGES. I know I won't be complaining once I am well into the book though. No doubt I won't want it to end.

My friend Maura, who has been in every community theatre production I've done, is in this theatre group called Accio Actors and they put on a production of A Very Potter Musical this past weekend. I saw the show on Monday and it was so much fun. Maura played Pansy, and Joe [from Chicago at SPLT] played Ron. He was fantastic. His drunken moments at the dance were HYSTERICAL. He had drool coming out of his mouth at one point, and he overall just played drunk perfectly, both realistic and comedic. Furthermore, he didn't try to be Joey Richter as Ron, which was great. Actually, no one in the show tried to be the actors except for the ones who, in my opinion, kind of needed to be - namely Dumbledore and Voldemort. Their voices were identical, and Dumbledore was actually identical in every way, which was kind of amazing. The acting could have been better at some points, but they made a few moments funny that were missed in the show. Like, there were some moments that weren't delivered properly in the original, and in this production they just changed the tone of the line delivery a bit and it hit just right to get laughs. They also did some improv here and there which was fantastic. I think they even added some moments. I loved the addition of Fudge wearing a fez, and then when Voldy killed him, he said, "This isn't cool." DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE FTW!!!!! (Half of the audience reacted to this, btw. Gotta love that every other theatre person is a Who fan.) There were also a few Black Swan references. When Dumbledore and Voldy were killed, they both said, "But I wanted to be the swan queen!" And Quirrel, after learning of Voldemort's death, said, "But I was going to be his swan queen!" I almost felt like 3 references was overkill, but they all delivered the lines so well, and ultimately it just worked. Again, it was a fun night and I'll definitely be there when they do the sequel. :)

[Big Damn Hero] Patrick Rothfuss and Nathan Taylor got together and did a summary of The Name of the Wind... in comic form! It's hilarious. My favorite panel is below. :)

Not only is this moment funny in comic form, but it's also funny in the book.
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