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The enemy's gate is down.

Finally finished this book!!!!

I noticed I only had under 100 pages to go and then I recalled that night I had OVER 100 pages left of the last book I read. With that in mind, I told myself I was going to finish EG tonight because I knew I could. Not to mention, I was in the mood to read. I was actually planning on picking up one of the many books I started and didn't get too far into, but then I figured it was better to finish one I was almost done with. Smart, I am! Anyway, I obviously met my goal and finished the book. And WHOA. Just.... whoa. I couldn't believe that ending. I mean, I could because it fit into what was happening to Ender throughout the entire story but still. Whoa.

Staying on the topic of books somewhat... author Patrick Rothfuss wants to help Nathan Fillion obtain the rights to Firefly. :D The other book I referred to in the previous paragraph was Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, a wonderfully brilliant start to a new epic series - a new favorite of mine and many others'. That open letter from Rothfuss to Nathan pleased me so very much, and it took me by surprise even though it shouldn't have. I mean, it's not the first time this sort of thing has happened; a person I adore being into another person's work that I adore. Joss Whedon loving Sondheim, anybody? And I recently watched Elizabeth Mitchell confess her love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so that's another. Anyway, I really hope they're both serious about it because I'd love to see the property of the show in deserving hands. They don't even have to do anything with it. Taking it away from FOX is enough.

What I also recently finished:
Re-watch of The Office seasons 1 & 2 (Starting s3 tonight!)
My first FULL play-through of Mass Effect 1-2

No one died during the suicide mission in ME2 and I had my character end up with Miranda because it felt right. So, naturally, the picture frame of Ashley was turned down on his desk. lol I love that the game does that. I still don't know why I had him hook up with Ashley in the first place. It was a last minute "why the hell not!" thing. I fully intend on having my female ME1 character stay loyal to Liara, though. And I'm going to keep an eye out for a sale on the ME2 DLCs to get them back together. No doubt there will be a sale eventually since ME3 comes out later this year.

What I didn't finish:
Dragon Age II demo.

Totally failed. And that was the beginning of the game! Guess I'm getting rid of that pre-order, which will bring the total I have saved this month to $120! Kind of feels good.

Alright, off to catch up with internet stuff because I've been in bed pretty much all day. Cramps... grr.
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