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Get 'er done.

I neglected to mention that I got a haircut a week ago!

Originally, I had an appointment for Thursday at noon, but I couldn't get to sleep the previous night and then I had an awful stomach ache that kept me up for a couple hours longer. About an hour before my appointment, I called them and managed to get the appointment rescheduled for the following day, and I made it for 3pm just to be safe. Btw, if there is an Aveda Institue nearby you, I highly recommend looking into it. I've never not been pleased with my haircuts. And I only pay $12!! I have found that the stylists are a bit nervous, even if they don't show it, but it's the good kind of worry - they do NOT want to mess up your hair. So if they're unsure, they get an instructor to do something or show them how. They certainly worried about cutting my hair too short. On that note, it's probably a good thing I got sick and had to reschedule....

My stylist was AWESOME. I told her about the other stylists' being hesitant. She looked at me, completely serious, and said, "I am not afraid to go short. Actually, some people might be freaked out by how short I'm willing to cut their hair." Naturally, I asked her later on if she was the type to chop off her Barbie's hair. She admitted that she indeed was. Also, this girl looked, talked and acted a bit like Kristen Stewart. I know a lot of people would not be okay with that, lol, but for me it was fine. She was really cool. She made a reference to The Fifth Element when swiping all my uncut hair to the one side of my head.

Now for the haircut! I don't feel like resizing and coloring the picture I took of myself in the car for my sister, so I'm just putting the version that I uploaded to Facebook behind a cut.

Angel demanded I take a picture as soon as I got to a red light after I had told her that she'd love my cut, because she's been so aggravated that the stylists won't go as short as I show them.

I've decided I need to stop trying to think of nifty ideas for my Broadway podcast and just make the first one already. I do have 2 very normal ideas for it -- well, maybe 3. I kind of like my mom's suggestion of opening with a bit of trivia. I'd never run out of trivia so I think that's a good idea. What'd be best is to have the trivia be related to one of the topics that will be discussed. I also think I need a partner; unless you are strictly educating, a podcast with one person is boring. Now, whether to have that partner be the same person or a different one every episode, I don't know yet. I think it'd be interesting to switch it up. That way you get varying opinions, you know? All I know is I need to make this happen soon. I also need a name for the podcast. Suggestions are welcome! :)


Why this scene is especially amusing to gamers like me.
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