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So... any time I felt like making an entry before now LiveJournal was down. What was all that about??

Rehearsals for Everybody Loves Opal have been going well. Getting a few more responsibilities lately. Nothing crazy or anything (yet). Mostly just stuff that's going to prepare me for when it does get crazy. Got my own key for the theatre now and was shown how to do the alarm and I now know where all the light switches are. Sounds like I'm going to have to put said knowledge to use next week when I run a rehearsal by myself because John has another rehearsal to be at. Kind of nervous about that but I actually think it's going to end up being easy-going... the rehearsal itself. I've never been to a rehearsal without the director there but according to some people, it's more chill. I did get that feeling earlier this week when I was going over lines with a couple of the actors in the lobby while John ran a scene with the others on stage. I'm not much of a leader type though so I'm a little nervous about it. I don't like being up in front of everyone unless I'm on stage performing. Like I told someone else though, maybe I'll use that - get there early, sit on the steps near the stage, get "in character", and then I'll feel more in charge. Sounds weird, I know, but it just might be necessary. It's help me feel ... bigger, if you will.

Last weekend I saw my first Live in HD opera broadcast at the movie theater. Le Comte Ory is currently playing at the MET Opera House and the live broadcast was Saturday afternoon. The actor that plays the title character actually just made it to the show because his wife had given birth just 40 minutes before showtime. He stayed around for 10-15 minutes to bond with his son and then left to do the show. Crazy, right? Him and his wife must have had a discussion about if such a thing happened - bet they didn't think they'd actually have to deal with that, though. lol Anyway, it was a fun show! It starred my favorite opera vocalists. I don't have many right now yet, of course, but nevertheless! I went with my sister Angel and she enjoyed the crap out of it as well. She kept making those "ngh" noises I know all too well when I'm listening to opera or musicals. I wasn't too sure if she'd enjoy the show itself, but I knew she appreciates strong/beautiful vocals, and she had been the one asking me to see an opera with her some day. We both agreed that we'll be going to these from now on. Although, I'm not too certain if she'll want to see them at CineBistro every time. It ended up being pretty pricey. I thought the cost of the ticket covered one meal, but apparently not. So it was $48 total for tickets and then around $40 for the food. We both got a "meal" and then fries at intermission. 40 FUCKING DOLLARS FOR THAT?!?!?!?! If we do CineBistro every time, methinks we'll just settle for fries and that's it. At least that's what I'm going to do. I mean, it is nice to be in comfortable seats for a 3+ hour show, you know?

I had a job interview a week ago. Well, it was less of an interview and more "here's what you need to know". Though I do wonder if I manged to screw up the ONE interview-ish question I got. (Figures.) "So, tell me about yourself." First off, I hate those kinds of questions because I feel like I have to impress them so that's probably why I unknowingly went around it. UGGGGGGH. I technically shared something I enjoyed doing, but very much unintentionally. I won't get into it but ... yeah, I don't know. I mean, with her telling me about the pay, breaks, work attire, etc. they just may be hiring pretty much everyone they interviewed. Suppose to be getting a call this week if they do want to hire me. Only a couple days left now, though. :\ I'm only going to be upset if I don't get this job because it's probably the easiest one to get and to NOT get it? I haven't been able to get a job anywhere else, so... ugh, I don't know. Feeling pretty hopeless.

I'd hate to end the post with that last bit soooo... here are 2 talented and attractive young men! :D

Brian Crum & Kyle Dean Massey - Side Show's "Who Will Love Me As I Am?"
Everyone claps when the boys are pushed together because the show the song is from is about the Hilton Siamese twins.
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Pardon me, I am here-- If you please, I am also here.

Had my first rehearsal tonight for Everybody Loves Opal! The cast was wonderful, and John (the director) was very kind and helpful. I wasn't too sure what to expect as a whole, didn't know if he wanted me to dive right in with a stage manager's typical duties, but I figured I'd stay quiet for the most part since everyone is still learning their lines, so there was no need to call out mistakes/etc. I'm also not taking too many notes right now because 1) most blocking notes are in the script and 2) John doesn't seem to be set on anything yet. He clearly wants the actors to get more comfortable and possibly even make their own decisions as long as it works into where they need to be at a certain point. I'm enjoying his directing style. I like the freedom he gives the actors, especially when they end up taking a bit of a different approach, working out their motives after John asks them a few questions [never quite telling them what they should do]. That's when an actor can really shine and it's a great thing to witness.

One of the cast members had to arrive late and John took me by surprise when he asked me to read in place of her - just from my spot on the couch, of course. I've recalled previous stage managers doing this in shows I've been in, so I shouldn't have been caught off guard, but I was. I didn't try to act [with my voice] too much, just enough to give the other actors something to work with, but I started thinking I'd love to do a play some day. It'd be a nice challenge and something new to try out.

When I was taking my shower earlier today, I had a Broadway mix cd I made a long time ago - yes, made up of songs I like singing along to. Anyway, while singing "The I Love You Song" and "Without Love", I thought to myself, "If a theatre ever did this show, I'd probably audition [for Olive/Penny]." After rehearsal was over, John randomly gave me a pamphlet with SPLT's 2011-2012 lineup of shows. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Hairspray are both on there. THAT REALLY FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT. I mean..... WHOOOA. So, yeah, if I can get my voice back in shape, I'll audition. I don't sing Broadway music as often as I used to, so my vocals have been kind of strange lately. But I've also noticed I've gotten better at personality and control when I do sing. Actually, I think I'm going to go and look for a particular duet on YouTube that I... may have sang a couple times in the shower today. :D
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You can hear dear Mother Nature murmuring low, "Let yourself go!"

So, last week ended up a little less eventful. Just for one day, thankfully.

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Now, as for the week becoming less eventful, that all happened Thursday. The reason I started feeling funny Thursday night was because of 2 things. 1) I ended up coming down with something (no idea what), which I'm still presently fighting off, but luckily it only knocked me out for one day completely. 2) I got my monthly visitor. The combo of those 2 must have made my body go "whoa", which is why I felt so off Wednesday night before the show. Anyway, I was hoping my sinuses were just acting up from cleaning but it got worse and I contacted both David and Gillian after having woken up with only 4 hours of sleep, letting them know I wouldn't be able to hang out and crew the show, respectively. I felt so bad for missing out on both things. I started feeling a bit better in that I could get out of my bed the next day (Friday), so I ended up making it to Rebekah's concert Saturday, which was wonderful. So glad I didn't have to miss that since it was only a one time event and I never want to miss seeing anything Rebekah does. :)

Closing up this post with a bit of news. Sorta big news! I am, as of this moment, the stage manager for a play at SPLT. I KNOW, RIGHT!!? I can't believe it. I actually thought Gillian (who is costuming the show) mistakenly asked me to do so. lol I mean, stage managing is pretty duty-heavy. Though, it's a play, not a musical and Gillian told me: "If you could crew Chicago, you can stage manage this show." I laughed at this but still voiced my concerns. She reassured me that I'd be fine and that John, the director (also SPLT's President), was cool with a newbie on board. Still, I hope I don't screw this up. I mean, John being SPLT's President is a big deal and I actually want to be on the theatre's board -I filled out an application during Chicago- and if I'm still in town, eventually I'd like to be on the main part of the board, helping to turn the theatre around. Anyway, Gillian already told me all of my responsibilities and there's no rehearsal until Wednesday so I have some time to rest a bit more, get rid of whatever is lingering about of this sinus thing or whatever it is. I'm crazy nervous (mostly about John and finding a crew for the show - yeah, found out that's my responsibility, yikes!) but I think I'll have everyone's support. Oh, the play is Everybody Loves Opal, by the way. Just realized I never said. I actually had looked into it a few weeks ago, wondering if there were any parts I could audition for - the show looked fun from the little I saw on YouTube.

Hope everyone's weekend was nice. Let me know what you think of miss O'Hara's voice in the comments, will ya? ;)


WHOA. Kelli did a show with Garber?? WHAT THE WHAT. Just came across that on Tumblr.
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It's been one week since you looked at me...

(Okay, 1 week and 2 days.) This week is turning out to be quite eventful. Maybe not for a typical person - a typical person may find my eventful week... well, typical.

My cousins Justin and Kristyna, and their little girl Sascha, came to visit on Sunday. [My sister (Angel) and niece (Tori) also came over.] We all chilled here for a couple hours and then we went to St. Pete Ale House for a late lunch/early dinner. Me and Tori played pool as we ate. I made a couple wicked shots. It's funny how I can't manage some straight shots, but then I get one ball in by hitting another that is diagonal to it. And yes, it's an intentional shot, not an accident. lol Anyway, food was yummy as always.

After dinner I took Tori to Target so that she could get a bathing suit bottom for our trip to the beach yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day out. Very sunny but there was a constant cool breeze, so lovely. I'm not big on the beach but I knew I could use a bit of a tan - I think I got the tiniest bit. Definitely got some more color on my face from the looks of it. I haven't been in a while so I knew I couldn't stay long, so me and Tori didn't too much color for the most part, unfortunately. She wanted to stay longer but I knew it wasn't safe and also I was starving.

She stayed one extra day so we went ahead and plans to go to the Dali Museum - which was great. I knew it'd be a bit of a waste for me even though Tori reassured me she'd enjoy it enough to stick around for close to 2 hours, but she definitely rushed through the art, so I couldn't stay too long around the pieces. But it ended up working out timing-wise because, once again, I got hungry as we were looking around the gift shop. lol We went to lunch at Tijuana Flats because I couldn't figure out where this one restaurant was that Marilyn (a crew member from Chicago) told me about. I told Tori we could check out that place another day once I get the name of the restaurant from Marilyn. Afterward we came back to the house and watched Doctor Who, specifically "Time of Angels". :D

Tomorrow night is the Boston Pops concert!! Kelli O'Hara and Jason Danieley, two favorite Broadway talents of mine, singing Cole Porter music. Should be an AMAAAAAAAZING night.

And as of this moment I have plans for Thursday afternoon with David. He's going to come by and try to help me set up my podcast kit. My computer's not picking it up and I have no idea what to do about it because the instructions say it should have, so he's going to see if he can figure it out. Looking forward to seeing him!

Gillian [from Kiss Me Kate and Chicago] text me today, asking if I was available to help out the current show playing at SPLT during one scene. Guess they're down a crew member or 2 Thursday night? Naturally, I'm always happy to help so I told her I'd be there. She did ask if I was available tomorrow night to see what I'd have to do but I have the concert so I'm just coming by early Thursday to be shown. Hopefully it's nothing too complicated.

This Saturday I was planning on getting out to the movie theater to finally catch a MET Live Broadcast. They're broadcasting a Dessay-lead show... love her! But it turns out my friend Rebekah's concert is Saturday, too... at 4. Odd time, but that means I cannot go see the opera which starts at 1 and Rebekah's show is around 35 minutes away. I suppose I could watch 1 or 2 acts, but that'd be silly. I'll just rent it online when it becomes available. I'm definitely going to the theater next month to see La Comte Ory, and I'm hoping Angel will be free to go because she's been wanting to see an opera and I think this would be a great first one for her, not only because of the show but because of the talent. Juan Diego Florez, Joyce DiDonato and Diana Damrau... GUH!

I have a bit to catch up on and I'm getting hungry again. Must go! Hope everyone is doing well. :)
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Words are pale shadows of forgotten names.

I will never understand my parents' logic. Specifically the things they get upset over. My dad just brought up, FOR THE SECOND TIME, my unknowingly opening a second jar of pasta sauce yesterday. Do we not all make silly mistakes like this? At least I didn't leave the screen door open with our birds flying about! My dad did this last week. Twice, apparently.

As planned, I picked up The Wise Man's Fear and Unbearable Lightness yesterday. I intended on starting to read the former last night but I'm kind of committed to finishing Greek so that I can be caught up to watch the series finale next Tuesday. At the rate I'm going lately, I should be done in time. I can't believe they are finishing up the series. :( Why not pull a Skins and get a new cast? The writing for this show is so well done, they could definitely keep it going with a new cast and fans would remain on board. At least, I know I would be. Anyway, back to the books. I cannot believe how long TWMF is - almost 1,000 pages - and mind you, this is the large hardcover version AT 1,000 PAGES. I know I won't be complaining once I am well into the book though. No doubt I won't want it to end.

My friend Maura, who has been in every community theatre production I've done, is in this theatre group called Accio Actors and they put on a production of A Very Potter Musical this past weekend. I saw the show on Monday and it was so much fun. Maura played Pansy, and Joe [from Chicago at SPLT] played Ron. He was fantastic. His drunken moments at the dance were HYSTERICAL. He had drool coming out of his mouth at one point, and he overall just played drunk perfectly, both realistic and comedic. Furthermore, he didn't try to be Joey Richter as Ron, which was great. Actually, no one in the show tried to be the actors except for the ones who, in my opinion, kind of needed to be - namely Dumbledore and Voldemort. Their voices were identical, and Dumbledore was actually identical in every way, which was kind of amazing. The acting could have been better at some points, but they made a few moments funny that were missed in the show. Like, there were some moments that weren't delivered properly in the original, and in this production they just changed the tone of the line delivery a bit and it hit just right to get laughs. They also did some improv here and there which was fantastic. I think they even added some moments. I loved the addition of Fudge wearing a fez, and then when Voldy killed him, he said, "This isn't cool." DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE FTW!!!!! (Half of the audience reacted to this, btw. Gotta love that every other theatre person is a Who fan.) There were also a few Black Swan references. When Dumbledore and Voldy were killed, they both said, "But I wanted to be the swan queen!" And Quirrel, after learning of Voldemort's death, said, "But I was going to be his swan queen!" I almost felt like 3 references was overkill, but they all delivered the lines so well, and ultimately it just worked. Again, it was a fun night and I'll definitely be there when they do the sequel. :)

[Big Damn Hero] Patrick Rothfuss and Nathan Taylor got together and did a summary of The Name of the Wind... in comic form! It's hilarious. My favorite panel is below. :)

Not only is this moment funny in comic form, but it's also funny in the book.
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Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.

I now have 3 books in my "...of 2011" list. Which made me happy to see, at first - I feel like it's not accurate considering I read the majority of the first 2 last year, and the other one 3 years and some months ago. But ah well, I'm still more or less in a reading mood (it comes and goes), so hopefully I'll get many more on that list before the end of the year. They'll all be books I've just started or haven't gotten too far into.

Staying on the topic of books, I fully intend on picking up The Wise Man's Fear on Tuesday (!!!!). I also want to pick up Portia de Rossi's book and one of Carol Berg's. I take these surveys that earn me normally anywhere from $3-8 and as of this moment, I can actually snag $15 in Borders Bucks, but I need to go into the store to obtain my card/member number because I have no card and they won't send another. (I have the number to receive the Borders Bucks.) So I may only get one other book on Tuesday with whatever coupon Borders sends out this week, and then I'll put the Borders Bucks toward the other book on my next visit to the store. Although... one of the Borders stores in Tampa is closing, maybe I'll go out there first to see if any of the books I'm looking for are still in stock since everything is on sale.

Not too sure why, but I feel like sharing a random musical with you all. And I mean it when I say random, because I'm literally going to think of one right now.... Bat Boy. Alright, so this musical is not based off of a book, play or movie, nor does it have anything to do with baseball. Bat Boy is about that 1992 World News Weekly story about a half-boy, half-bat kid found living in cave. I SHIT YOU NOT. And it's awesome. Again, I SHIT YOU NOT.


Enjoy the performance of "Three Bedroom House" below. This is footage from the original production, starring Kaitlin Hopkins (who totally kicks ass in this song) and Kerry Butler.

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The enemy's gate is down.

Finally finished this book!!!!

I noticed I only had under 100 pages to go and then I recalled that night I had OVER 100 pages left of the last book I read. With that in mind, I told myself I was going to finish EG tonight because I knew I could. Not to mention, I was in the mood to read. I was actually planning on picking up one of the many books I started and didn't get too far into, but then I figured it was better to finish one I was almost done with. Smart, I am! Anyway, I obviously met my goal and finished the book. And WHOA. Just.... whoa. I couldn't believe that ending. I mean, I could because it fit into what was happening to Ender throughout the entire story but still. Whoa.

Staying on the topic of books somewhat... author Patrick Rothfuss wants to help Nathan Fillion obtain the rights to Firefly. :D The other book I referred to in the previous paragraph was Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, a wonderfully brilliant start to a new epic series - a new favorite of mine and many others'. That open letter from Rothfuss to Nathan pleased me so very much, and it took me by surprise even though it shouldn't have. I mean, it's not the first time this sort of thing has happened; a person I adore being into another person's work that I adore. Joss Whedon loving Sondheim, anybody? And I recently watched Elizabeth Mitchell confess her love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so that's another. Anyway, I really hope they're both serious about it because I'd love to see the property of the show in deserving hands. They don't even have to do anything with it. Taking it away from FOX is enough.

What I also recently finished:
Re-watch of The Office seasons 1 & 2 (Starting s3 tonight!)
My first FULL play-through of Mass Effect 1-2

No one died during the suicide mission in ME2 and I had my character end up with Miranda because it felt right. So, naturally, the picture frame of Ashley was turned down on his desk. lol I love that the game does that. I still don't know why I had him hook up with Ashley in the first place. It was a last minute "why the hell not!" thing. I fully intend on having my female ME1 character stay loyal to Liara, though. And I'm going to keep an eye out for a sale on the ME2 DLCs to get them back together. No doubt there will be a sale eventually since ME3 comes out later this year.

What I didn't finish:
Dragon Age II demo.

Totally failed. And that was the beginning of the game! Guess I'm getting rid of that pre-order, which will bring the total I have saved this month to $120! Kind of feels good.

Alright, off to catch up with internet stuff because I've been in bed pretty much all day. Cramps... grr.
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Que sera, sera.

Check me out - posting three days in the last four days. That hasn't happened in a while, for sure.

Guillermo del Toro to produce a new 3-D, stop-motion animated version of Pinocchio with the Jim Henson Company. Directing said film will be Gris Grimly and Mark Gustafson, who was Fantastic Mr. Fox’s animation director. With the exception of the 3-D factor (ugh), um..... YES, PLEASE!!!! More info here.

Video game trailers tend to be pretty epic, but this one for Dead Island, a "first-person zombie-slasher/action-RPG", is just SICK. In a good way, mind you...

I heard nothing of this game until this trailer launched yesterday. Now I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Apparently the developers/creators went for a more realistic approach. So, none of that "Here's a room at the end of the level so that you can get more guns and ammo!" You have to find objects for zombie-bashing (firearms are sparse, and ammo even more so) and these objects get torn up with every hit you make. Which makes sense, considering the RPG factor. If they spend as much attention to details in the storyline, pacing, gameplay, etc. as they did for the trailer, methinks this could be a big 2011 game. And as stated in the title of the game, IT TAKES PLACE AT A RESORT ON AN ISLAND. AND THAT'S PRETTY COOL.

After playing the demo for Bulletstorm, a game I was pretty psyched for because of its insanity, I ended up canceling my pre-order for it at Gamestop. The aiming was difficult for me, even in slo-mo - your person's gun moves just as slow as the action. So if you're aim is nowhere near the attacker in the first place, don't count on making any good shots before that slo-mo runs out. And I felt like the gameplay might get too repetitive. I will buy it one day, I'm just not paying $60 for it.

zombres!! I feel like Xbox is calling you to you, m'dear. Guillermo is working with developers on a game, there are zombie games and games that include/add zombie levels, there's a Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper game, and now the same company that put out the latter just announced yet another Sherlock game in the making! :)

How freakin' adorable is this shirt? I'll be waiting for it to be part of a sale, though. Especially since their tees are now $2 more. Right? Weren't they always $18? Also, I really wish Twilight wasn't on there. I mean, check out all the classics on there! Then again, it looks ridiculous so it's almost okay.

p.s. After my second viewing of Black Swan the other day, I have now decided the film is overrated/over-hyped, in my opinion. Normally I enjoy a film more on the second viewing, but that didn't happen with Black Swan. I actually found myself quite bored. I've just... I've seen so much of what happens in that film in other films before. Yes, every film is inspired by ones before it, but I feel like this one didn't do anything new/exciting/interesting with those previously used concepts.
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Get 'er done.

I neglected to mention that I got a haircut a week ago!

Originally, I had an appointment for Thursday at noon, but I couldn't get to sleep the previous night and then I had an awful stomach ache that kept me up for a couple hours longer. About an hour before my appointment, I called them and managed to get the appointment rescheduled for the following day, and I made it for 3pm just to be safe. Btw, if there is an Aveda Institue nearby you, I highly recommend looking into it. I've never not been pleased with my haircuts. And I only pay $12!! I have found that the stylists are a bit nervous, even if they don't show it, but it's the good kind of worry - they do NOT want to mess up your hair. So if they're unsure, they get an instructor to do something or show them how. They certainly worried about cutting my hair too short. On that note, it's probably a good thing I got sick and had to reschedule....

My stylist was AWESOME. I told her about the other stylists' being hesitant. She looked at me, completely serious, and said, "I am not afraid to go short. Actually, some people might be freaked out by how short I'm willing to cut their hair." Naturally, I asked her later on if she was the type to chop off her Barbie's hair. She admitted that she indeed was. Also, this girl looked, talked and acted a bit like Kristen Stewart. I know a lot of people would not be okay with that, lol, but for me it was fine. She was really cool. She made a reference to The Fifth Element when swiping all my uncut hair to the one side of my head.

Now for the haircut! I don't feel like resizing and coloring the picture I took of myself in the car for my sister, so I'm just putting the version that I uploaded to Facebook Collapse ) Angel demanded I take a picture as soon as I got to a red light after I had told her that she'd love my cut, because she's been so aggravated that the stylists won't go as short as I show them.

I've decided I need to stop trying to think of nifty ideas for my Broadway podcast and just make the first one already. I do have 2 very normal ideas for it -- well, maybe 3. I kind of like my mom's suggestion of opening with a bit of trivia. I'd never run out of trivia so I think that's a good idea. What'd be best is to have the trivia be related to one of the topics that will be discussed. I also think I need a partner; unless you are strictly educating, a podcast with one person is boring. Now, whether to have that partner be the same person or a different one every episode, I don't know yet. I think it'd be interesting to switch it up. That way you get varying opinions, you know? All I know is I need to make this happen soon. I also need a name for the podcast. Suggestions are welcome! :)


Why this scene is especially amusing to gamers like me.
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