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Who could see beyond this surface?

So... any time I felt like making an entry before now LiveJournal was down. What was all that about??

Rehearsals for Everybody Loves Opal have been going well. Getting a few more responsibilities lately. Nothing crazy or anything (yet). Mostly just stuff that's going to prepare me for when it does get crazy. Got my own key for the theatre now and was shown how to do the alarm and I now know where all the light switches are. Sounds like I'm going to have to put said knowledge to use next week when I run a rehearsal by myself because John has another rehearsal to be at. Kind of nervous about that but I actually think it's going to end up being easy-going... the rehearsal itself. I've never been to a rehearsal without the director there but according to some people, it's more chill. I did get that feeling earlier this week when I was going over lines with a couple of the actors in the lobby while John ran a scene with the others on stage. I'm not much of a leader type though so I'm a little nervous about it. I don't like being up in front of everyone unless I'm on stage performing. Like I told someone else though, maybe I'll use that - get there early, sit on the steps near the stage, get "in character", and then I'll feel more in charge. Sounds weird, I know, but it just might be necessary. It's help me feel ... bigger, if you will.

Last weekend I saw my first Live in HD opera broadcast at the movie theater. Le Comte Ory is currently playing at the MET Opera House and the live broadcast was Saturday afternoon. The actor that plays the title character actually just made it to the show because his wife had given birth just 40 minutes before showtime. He stayed around for 10-15 minutes to bond with his son and then left to do the show. Crazy, right? Him and his wife must have had a discussion about if such a thing happened - bet they didn't think they'd actually have to deal with that, though. lol Anyway, it was a fun show! It starred my favorite opera vocalists. I don't have many right now yet, of course, but nevertheless! I went with my sister Angel and she enjoyed the crap out of it as well. She kept making those "ngh" noises I know all too well when I'm listening to opera or musicals. I wasn't too sure if she'd enjoy the show itself, but I knew she appreciates strong/beautiful vocals, and she had been the one asking me to see an opera with her some day. We both agreed that we'll be going to these from now on. Although, I'm not too certain if she'll want to see them at CineBistro every time. It ended up being pretty pricey. I thought the cost of the ticket covered one meal, but apparently not. So it was $48 total for tickets and then around $40 for the food. We both got a "meal" and then fries at intermission. 40 FUCKING DOLLARS FOR THAT?!?!?!?! If we do CineBistro every time, methinks we'll just settle for fries and that's it. At least that's what I'm going to do. I mean, it is nice to be in comfortable seats for a 3+ hour show, you know?

I had a job interview a week ago. Well, it was less of an interview and more "here's what you need to know". Though I do wonder if I manged to screw up the ONE interview-ish question I got. (Figures.) "So, tell me about yourself." First off, I hate those kinds of questions because I feel like I have to impress them so that's probably why I unknowingly went around it. UGGGGGGH. I technically shared something I enjoyed doing, but very much unintentionally. I won't get into it but ... yeah, I don't know. I mean, with her telling me about the pay, breaks, work attire, etc. they just may be hiring pretty much everyone they interviewed. Suppose to be getting a call this week if they do want to hire me. Only a couple days left now, though. :\ I'm only going to be upset if I don't get this job because it's probably the easiest one to get and to NOT get it? I haven't been able to get a job anywhere else, so... ugh, I don't know. Feeling pretty hopeless.

I'd hate to end the post with that last bit soooo... here are 2 talented and attractive young men! :D

Brian Crum & Kyle Dean Massey - Side Show's "Who Will Love Me As I Am?"
Everyone claps when the boys are pushed together because the show the song is from is about the Hilton Siamese twins.
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